A product of America's rich aural folk tradition as well as classical music, Mark O'Connor's creative journey began at the feet of a pair of musical giants. The first was the folk fiddler and innovator who created the modern era of American fiddling, Benny Thomasson; the second, French jazz violinist, considered one of the greatest improvisers in the history of the violin, Stephane Grappelli. Along the way, between these marvelous musical extremes, Mark O'Connor absorbed knowledge and influence from the multitude of musical styles and genres he studied. Now, at age 54, he has melded and shaped these influences into a new American Classical music, and a vision of an entirely American school of string playing. As The Los Angeles Times recently noted, he has "crossed over so many boundaries, that his style is purely personal."

The O'Connor Method™ Camp New York City, directed by Mark O'Connor and Maggie O'Connor is happening August 1-5, 2016.
The camp will be hosted at Turtle Bay Music School. All ages and levels welcome!
Registration open until July 1.

For more information or to register, visit www.oconnormethodcampnyc.com
A New American School of String Playing
The O'Connor Method has become one of the most popular methods to learn from as students around the country respond to the cultural proximity of the American musical material featured in the O’Connor Method. This groundbreaking violin method, authored by Mark O'Connor,  is the first to feature all American music and has been hailed by teachers from across the country as filling a significant gap in classical music education.

For more information on the O'Connor Method, visit www.oconnormethod.com.

Click to Register for the O'Connor Method Camp New York City, directed by Mark O'Connor and Maggie O'Connor. August 1-5, 2016. Registration open until July 1.

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