About the Camps

Instructor List  - 2013

Guest Instructors for 2013 are:*


  • Alex DePue
  • Billy Contreras
  • Bobby Hicks
  • Brad Phillips
  • Bruce Molsky
  • Buddy Spicher
  • Dale Morris Jr.
  • Daniel Bernard Roumain
  • Darol Anger
  • Frederico Britos
  • Jason Anick
  • Jeremy Kittel
  • Jim “Texas Shorty” Chancellor
  • John Blake
  • Kelly Hall-Tompkins
  • Martin Hayes
  • Matt Glaser (Berklee Faculty)
  • Oisin McAuley
  • Rob Thomas
  • Simon Shaheen
  • Tracy Silverman
  • Yale Strom


  • Gillian Gallagher
  • Melissa Howe (Berklee Faculty)
  • David Wallace


  • Eugene Friesen (Berklee Faculty)
  • Patrice Jackson
  • Nat Smith
  • Ben Sollee


  • Geoff Saunders
  • Nicky Schwartz

O’Connor Method

  • Mariana Green-Hill, violin
  • Ashley Liberty, violin
  • Melissa Tong, violin
  • Andy Reiner, violin
  • Pamela Wiley, violin
  • Hazel Ketchum, violin
  • Rob Flax, violin
  • Joy Adams, cello

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"Dear Mark,
I have to say that I am trying my best to hold on to those great days at the Mark O'Connor Camp!!
The liberation and inspiration I felt from each person and experience I had there was so life changing for me, it is very important to me to maintain that freedom in my spirit and in my heart. Thank you sooooooo much for inviting me there so that I could give to your students everything that I could, and for making my life a better place because of what I went through there musically and otherwise."
-Cathy Cho (Violin Professor at Julliard)

Summer 2011 Quotes

“I’m a cellist and I’ve been here for the week of the Mark O’Connor/Berklee camp and it’s been really great to experience all these different types of music, very innovative techniques and be around people that feel so passionate about these things -Keizo, Berklee Summer 2011

“I’m a classically trained cellist and I’ve been going to music camps for years in my life but Mark’s camp is the only camp that I’ve been to, or even heard of, that you can get truly well rounded musical education. -Sarah, Berklee Summer 2011

“This week has been absolutely spectacular at the Mark O’Connor String week at Berklee. -Carolyn, Berklee Summer 2011

“There’s not another camp, I don’t think, anywhere where you will find all the different kinds of genres in one place. We actually love hearing what [our son] has “brought home” from this camp.” -Janelle, Berklee Summer 2011

“This camp has taught me a lot about what I didn’t know, basically. There’s so much out there that has been created and can still be created.” -Ally, Berklee Summer 2011

"The program has changed [my 11-year-old's] entire outlook on music, and expanded her knowledge of genres and what is possible. The faculty have been so great. Even though she's young, so much of it sticks." -Karen, Berklee Summer 2011

"Everyone makes you feel like you are an important person at the camp. You can go there without being afraid of anything" -Avery M., Berklee Summer 2011

"All of the teachers have been really open to the idea of a bluegrass cellist-- I always get the opportunity to play the fiddle tunes and to solo. I feel like the community is so open to new ideas." -Sarah, Berklee Summer 2011

"This camp made me learn to love music again. Thank you so much." - Julez R., Summer 2011, Berklee Summer 2011

"The whole camp was the most intensely fun and educational musical experience I've ever had! The best part was the jamming one night, when Mark O'Connor, Bruce Molsky, Hans, Kyle, and Brad Phillips all came out and played with everyone under the clock tower. That was so awesome! Thanks so much!" - Rebecca W., Tennessee  Summer 2011

"Please let Mark O'Connor know that I had a great time at this camp. It was my first time and I would definitely consider going back. I particularly appreciated the fact that there were so different styles taught and not only American music. I really hope that he will continue with teachers teaching latin, klezmer, jazz and classical music as well. My favorite teachers were many: Britos, Hall-Tompkins, Strom, Blake Jr, Hyman, Spycher... and more But I learned from everybody, teachers and students alike. Thank you for this unforgettable experience."
Sincerely, - Dominique H., Tennessee  Summer 2011

"I had a fantastic time at Mark O'Connor's string camp this year. It was a great way to shed my Classical inhibitions and experiment with different ideologies and approaches to fiddle playing, some of which I'd never come across before. The teachers greatly inspired me, and I left in awe of their credibility--and humility. Thank you for a wonderful week, and I look forward to future years of boundary breaking!" - Emily N., Tennessee  Summer 2011


Fiddle Camp Was Amazing
November, 2002
This is Lily, the one who plays messed up Cape Breton Fiddle! I just wanted you to know how cool it was to play your Jon Cooper fiddle the last night of the conference! My Mom was around the corner and she liked the sound of it so much that she is talking about...*ghasp*...getting me one! By the way, I am going to begin taking jazz lessons ( I don't take lessons normally) because of how inspiring camp was! Your camp is such a wonderful thing for me...it is so awesome to be around the teachers-who are so spiring and supportive, and the students-so many of whome are my age and really have a passion for music and how much fun it can be (an incredible rarity where I live)..

Thank You so Much, see you next year!


Dear Lily,
Why thanks for writing and telling me all this good stuff! I remember that you sounded great on the new Jon Cooper fiddle of mine! They are so good. And we loved having you at the String Conference. Please come back again. Next year is going to be awesome!

Best Wishes,
Thanks for the Encouragement
August 22, 2002
I just finished reading your e-mail about the San Diego fiddle conference. I don't know why but it made me well up with tears. I told my wife that I want to go next year, and she said great. I am only a beginner with three year of experience at age 39 and am going to start rehearsing with the Santa Clara University Orchestra next month. I e-mailed you once three years ago asking if it was too late to start at age 36. You replied "It's never too late". That was encouraging to hear after hearing others say that's great but I don't think you will ever play professionally. Enough babble. Can't wait until next year to go to the San Diego fiddle conference.


Dear Greg,
Wow. How inspiring for other adult students reading this. We will hopefully see you and many other adult students next year at the camps!

From students and faculty
"Mark! What a camp that was...Drama, suspense, difficulty, triumph... Quite a monumental deal. Your observations & perceptions through the years about various teachers, campers, and so on have really developed this thing into something very precious to all of us." -Darol Anger - Instructor

"Hey Mark! I just wanted to thank you again for allowing me to be involved with the "Conference" this year. The lineup was so phenomenal, I would have loved to have only come as a student - Thanks again." -Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek)

"Dear Mark,
There are not words to describe this special feeling one acquires at your fiddle camps/conferences. It's magical, just like the music you make. Thank you for doing this twice a year and for taking time out of your busy schedule to be there. You bring so much joy to so many lives and touch so many people ...some you're probably even unaware of."

"Bravo!! Please take your time and recover from your incredible gift to the city this past week."

"You, and the incredible faculty certainly gave us all a week to remember."

"Mark. . . You have inspired so many to inspire others. Thanks to all who worked hard to make it a roaring success! Thank you!"

"Mark- thanks for your inspiration, vision, and creativity! Tonight your incredible students, teachers, guests and YOU raised the roof and took us to another galaxy! It was a privilege to be there!!! Congratulations. Blown away."

"It was the best week of my summer. :) Can't wait for next year!"

"We had a wonderful time, and participated in everything. Ben went to all of the advanced classes, and took all of yours. He loved working on your concerto, the caprices and all of your music, with you! The evening concerts were amazing. After 10 years of being involved in the classical music community, we are so glad you have expanded our horizons by bringing this camp to the northeast!"

"I have become more inspired and in-touch with the music around me like never before. It really touches me to hear you talk about this camp because I know that you really started it for us. You, sir, have achieved this week more than you may know."

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