Mark O'Connor Two-Day Residency

Mark O'Connor Two-Day Residency
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Acclaimed violinist, composer and Author of the O'Connor Method for strings, Mark O'Connor gives recital that features his trademark American string style. From foot stomping fiddle tunes, his electrifying caprices and warm homage to his violin and fiddle heroes" to ragtime, free improvisation, jazz and blues"

"When I walk on stage with the solo violin, an instrument that has been around for so many hundreds of years, it is so exciting to be able to bring new dimensions to the instrument while at the same time honoring the past traditions and great legacies of the players who came before me. To add to the repertoire with new literature as well as add to the technical and stylistic language of the violin, the instrument that is so close to the human soul, has been my great passion." -Mark O'Connor 8/16/08

"Mark O'Connor's 3-day residency at Curtis in November 2008 brought a new voice to our hallowed halls. Mark teaches and performs with incredible enthusiasm coupled with creativity and virtuosity. Our students learned much about this idiom through his original works as they watched and listened and then eventually played alongside Mark. He also gave a solo recital to an overflow audience. We hope that this was the first of many visits to Curtis."

-Dean Robert Fitzpatrick, Curtis Institute of Music - 2009

I wanted to just say that everything you did at CIM was significant for our students and faculty and audience. It was a big moment for me, watching people get an idea of what you are about and what a strong, clear, humanistic and universal message your music carries. You may not have realized it, but there were quite a few members of the Cleveland Orchestra at your Master Class and they were very interested. I hope we may move forward in tandem on many things and projects.

-Joel Smirnoff, President, Cleveland Institute of Music

Mark O'Connor Lecture Demonstrations

Grammy winning composer and violin/fiddle virtuoso Mark O'Connor offers
lecture demonstrations that inform, educate and entertain.  Widely and well
known as one of America's most inventive and innovative composers, Mark
O'Connor discusses and demonstrates his American style of string playing,
his improvisational abilities and the process of composition. Appropriate
for all ages, Mark's appearances offer audiences a personal glimpse into the
life of a musical artist who has often been called "genius."  Young
musicians, particularly, will benefit from his warm and engaging interaction
with his audiences.

"Mark made an enormous impression on our students. His contact with them was immediate and powerful. He's a kind and inspiring teacher, and of course his fiddle playing is virtuosic and alive with color and energy. May he return to Harvard many times!"

Jack Megan
Director, Office for the Arts at Harvard

"Mark gave an absolutely technically dazzling performance of his compositions.  The audience was in awe of his agility, speed and stamina and he kept that intense energy and level of playing for almost two hours.  His technique is incredibly impressive,
especially in the way that he makes it seem so effortless."

Janet Sung, Professor of Violin, SUNY Fredonia

Solo Violin Recital Reprise

Mr. O'Connor will also with string teachers on The O'Connor Method. For sessions with children taking the O'Connor Method, a teaching artist will be on hand experienced in the Method to lead classes.

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Solo Violin Recital Reprise

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