Top Trios perform O'Connors Triple Concerto "March of the Gypsy Fiddler"

<strong>Top Trios perform O'Connors Triple Concerto</strong> March of the Gypsy Fiddler

Ahn Trio above

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Booking Mark O'Connor's "March of the Gypsy Fiddler" Triple concerto for piano, violin, cell and orchestra. Ahn Trio below

moconnor 1974

Three great trios are currently booking the O'Connor Triple Claremont Trio right

[Sound Clips are available soon from the Ahn Trio premiere, as heard on Performance Today] 2222/2200/timp/harp/strings

First movement

Second movement

Third movement

moconnor 1974
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Triple Concerto for violin, cello, piano and symphony orchestra "March of the Gypsy Fiddler"

Three themes (one for each movement) are featured in my triple concerto, "March of the Gypsy Fiddler." The themes predate the symphonic composition, and have been in my own repertoire for several years. I chose this combination of themes for several reasons. A series of unlikely circumstances presented themselves as I thought about the concerto and
developed this material.

The finale movement, “Gypsy Fantastic,” is an oft-requested theme of mine that I perform with my Hot Swing group. For the last several years I have been authoring a violin method for beginning students. Because it is such a fun tune to play, I wanted to include “Gypsy Fantastic” in it, or at least a simple version of it, for students to learn. When I realized I could not simplify the tune successfully to any great degree, I decided to compose an additional section to it. This new, simpler half-time part was the connective tissue that made the concerto’s three movements a unified whole.

The first movement uses yet another well liked tune of mine that preexists the concerto, a theme called "March of the Pharaohs." In a most fortuitous turn of events, I discovered that the tune’s bass line was also a perfect fit for the new part of “Gypsy Fantastic” and therefore provided a cyclical aspect to the concerto’s construction.

“Fiddler Going Home,” the slow theme of the middle movement, is one of my most popular tunes. I composed this ballad in tribute to a Claude “Fiddler” Williams, a wonderful man and legendary jazz violinist who taught at my string camps until he died recently at the ripe age of 95. Appropriately then, "Going Home" is the concerto’s emotional centerpiece.

The Ahn Trio premiered the “Triple Concerto” and it was wonderful to compose the piece knowing that those fine musicians will be performing it often. In creating a title I acknowledged both my own history with these themes and the music’s new treatment and form: Three of my finest themes performed by a gifted piano trio, all featured in the unique triple concerto setting with symphony orchestra.

--Mark O'Connor, 2010.

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