List of Compositions

Mark O'Connor Compositions


Orchestral - Full Orchestra

Queen Anne's Revenge - overture for symphony orchestra - 7 min
The Improvised Violin Concerto for violin and orchestra - 40 min
Olympic Harvest - overture for symphony orchestra - 6 min
Americana Symphony "Variations on Appalachia Waltz" for symphony orchestra - 34 min
Triple Concerto "March of the Gypsy Fiddler" for violin, cello, piano and orchestra - 26 min
Double Concerto "For the Heroes" for violin, cello and symphony orchestra - 35 min
Concerto No. 6 "Old Brass" for violin and orchestra - 35 min
Double Violin Concerto for two violins and symphony orchestra - 32 min
Three Pieces for Orchestra for symphony orchestra:
    I. Call of the Mockingbird - 20 min
    II. Trail of Tears - 16 min
    III. Fanfare for the Volunteer - 20 min
Johnny Appleseed Suite - 18 min
The Fiddle Concerto for violin and orchestra - 40 min

Orchestral - String Orchestra
Elevations for string orchestra - 25 min
The Fallen for flute and string orchestra - 20 min
Harmony for violin and string orchestra - 11 min
American Seasons (Seasons of an American Life) for violin and orchestra - 35 min
Surrender The Sword for violin and string orchestra - 10 min
Song Of The Liberty Bell for violin and string orchestra - 7 min

String Quartet
String Quartet No. 3 "Old-Time" - 25 min
String Quartet No. 2 "Bluegrass" - 36 min
String Quartet No. 1 - 30 min

Piano Trio
Piano Trio No. 2 "Strange Rims" - 25 min
Piano Trio No. 1 "Poets And Prophets" - 35 min
Fiddle Sonata for Piano Trio - 20 min
Miniatures for Piano Trio - 5 min

String Trio
In The Summertime - 7 min
Musicopia - 7 min
Blackberry Mull  - 9 min
Poem - 7 min
Vistas - 10 min
Caprice For Three - 4 min
Butterfly’s Day Out - 5 min
Misty Moonlight Waltz - 4 min
Emily’s Reel - 5 min
Old Country Fairy Tale - 9 min

Strings & Threads Suite for violin and guitar - 18 min
When Bidden To The Wake Or Fair for violin and cello - 5 min
Brave Wolfe for trumpet and violin - 5 min
F.C.'s Jig - for violin and cello - 4 min

Appalachia Waltz (violin/cello) - 7 min
Caprices No.'s 1 - 6 - 24 min
Strings & Threads Suite for violin - 17 min
Bonaparte's Retreat Variations - 7 min

Jazz Ensemble
Anniversary, M&W Rag, Stephane and Django, Fiddler Going Home, Gypsy Fantastic, Funky Swing, In The Cluster Blues, Pickles On The Elbow, Swingin’ On The Ville, Sweet Suzanne, In Full Swing.

Miscellaneous Instrumentals (Fiddle/Bluegrass/Newgrass/Contemporary)
A Bowl of Bula, Across the Ohio Frontier, Beserkley, Bow Tie, Captain's Jig, Cat in the Bag, Changing the Guard, Come Ride With Me, Conversation with a Friend, Cool Winds, Cotton Pickin' Blues, Court Suite, Dance of the Ol' Swamp Rat, Disco Fiddle, Rampsody, Druid Fluid, Ease with the Breeze, Fair Dancer Reel, False Dawn, Fancy Stops and Goes, Flailing, Flight Home, Floating Bridge of Dreams, Fluid Drive, Folktunes, Follow the Scout, From Panama to El Pichincha, Future Man, Get Set, Go, Granny White Special, Hear the Sun Shadows Dance, Hot Tamale, Idle Rain, Improvisations Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, Inns of Granny White, Inside the Stillness, Into the Walls of Mandoness, Irish Maiden, Johnny's Apple Pie, Light the Fire, Macedonia, March of the Pharaohs, Markology, Mark's Ark, Mark's Waltz, Midnight Interlude, My Celebration, Nashville Shuffle Boogie, New Lifetimes, October Impressions, Off to Sea, Olympic Reel, On a June Day, One Winter's Night, Pacific Expectations, Pick it Apart, Pickin Parlor Rag, Pickin' in the Wind, Pilgrim's Waltz, Point of Crossing, Queen of the Cumberland, Rampology, Remember Ireland, River Out Back, Road to Appalachia, Rose Among Thorns, Sailor's Jig, Send Rainbows, Shine On, Slopes, Soft Gyrations, Stone from Which the Arch Was Made, Swept Away by Tides, Swing 11:11, Texas Dance Hall Blues, Thai Wat Sai, Thanks and Goodbyes, The Cricket Dance, The Dark Rain, The Emperor's Komponist, The Life and Times of Johnny Appleseed, The Robotic Muso, Three Angel Brides, Through the Lives, Outside the Landscape, Traveler's Ridge, Tubular Explosions, We're Surrounded, When We Talk.

Folk Mass for choir - 40 min
Let Us Move for choir - 15 min

Instrumental Arrangements
Allentown Polka, America the Beautiful, Arkansas Traveler, Banks of the Ohio, Beaumont Rag, Bell Cheatham, Billy in the Low Ground, Black and White Rag, Blackberry Blossom, Brilliancy, Bunker Hill, Calgary Polka, Can You Play a Fiddle, Carol of the Bells, Choctaw, Cherokee, Chief Sitting in the Rain, Clarinet Polka, College Hornpipe, Cotton Patch Rag, Dawn Waltz, Devil' Dream, Dill Pickle Rag, Dixie Breakdown, Dixie Hoedown, Don't Let the Deal Go Down, Dreamer's Waltz, Dusty Miller, Faded Love, Fisher’s Hornpipe, Flowers of Edinburgh, Golden Eagle Hornpipe, Grey Eagle, Hell Among the Yearlings, Herman's Rag, I Don't Love Nobody, Jesse Polka, Leather Britches, Lime House Blues, Limerock, Morning Star Waltz, O Christmas Tree, Orange Blossom Special, Over the Rainbow, Peaches n’ Cream, Roxanna Waltz, Sally Ann, Sally Goodwin, Sally Johnson, Say Old Man, Skater's Waltz, Soldier's Joy, Soppin' The Gravy, Speed the Plow Medley, Star Spangled Banner, Tennessee Wagoner, Tennessee Waltz, The Cherry Tree Carol, Tiger Rag, Tom and Jerry, Tug Boat, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Wednesday Waltz, Westphalia Waltz, Wild Fiddler's Rag, World Turned Upside Down, Yellow Rose Waltz.

Vocal Arrangements
Amazing Grace, Away in a Manger (Renee Fleming)
Hard Times Come Again No More, Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier, Ol' Blue (James Taylor)
Devil Comes Back to Georgia (Charlie Daniels/Johnny Cash)
As Time Goes By, Fascinating Rhythm, Honey Suckle Rose, Misty (Jane Monheit)
Restless (Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Steve Wariner)
The Ballad of Sally Anne (John Cowan)
Now it Belongs to You (Steve Wariner)

Books - O'Connor Violin Method

A comprehensive violin method based on music, style and technique developed in the Americas. Tunes, exercises, and historical/educational text authored, composed and arranged by Mark O'Connor.

Book I
Boil 'em Cabbage Down, Beautiful Skies, Oh! Susanna, Buffalo Gals, Amazing Grace, Westward Journey, Bonaparte's Retreat, Old Joe Clark, Climbing the Mountain, Appalachia Waltz, Boogie Woogie, Golden Slippers, Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier, Sweet Betsy from Pike, Soldier's Joy, The World Turned Upside Down,

Book II
Boil 'em Cabbage Down, In the Summertime, Red Wing, Molto Perpetual, Fiddler's Dream, Arkansas Traveler, Peek-a-Boo Waltz, Off She Goes, Over the Hills and Far Away, Rock 'n' Roll, Cielito Lindo, Gypsy Fantastic, Bunker Hill, Dill Pickle Rag, Shenandoah, Fiddle Boy, El Rancho Grande, From the New World, Step Down Hoedown, Florida Blues, Song of the Liberty Bell.

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