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Fan Letters re: O'Connor Compositions

Fan Letters re: O'Connor Compositions
Friday night was simply the finest concert that we've been to in a very long time! Thank you very much for inviting us to such an inspiring concert!! It was such an honour to meet Mark O'Connor and to hear the premiere of his piano trio. We couldn't sleep for hours afterwards just going over everything that happened musically ...the excitement was very high at the concert. Rebecca and Chi-Foon


I was privileged to see your performance of "Old Brass" and wanted to express my sincere admiration for your artistry.  I consider the concerto to be a work of indisputable genius, and I look forward to purchasing the CD when it becomes available.  As a former violinist and an admirer of all the famous violin concerti, I want to thank you for breathing life into a noble tradition.

Warmly, John Shutt


Dear Mr. O'Connor:
We have been enjoying your music for quite some time, thank you! Now, perhaps foolishly we are going to try to play it. I just started to play the violin in the hope that my father in law would find renewed interest in life at age 80 so I gave him a Cello, something he did not touched for forty year. The result is the quest to play your Emily's Reel for our nephews and nieces (all 19 of them).


Carlo R. Pasquino


Hello Mr. O'Connor.  I'm a 52 year-old cellist, started 2 1/2 years ago, and I'm pleased to report my recital performance of Song of the Liberty Bell went quite well.  To my mind, the melody is quite well suited to cello.  And, it's a change from those Suzuki Book 3 pieces.

Although I happen to have the Heartland CD with Song of the Liberty Bell on it, and I saw Liberty! on PBS back when, I would never have thought to do it in recital if you hadn't placed a version for cello on your web site.  Thanks for thinking of us bass clef folks!

Terry Gucwa


Dear Mr. O'Connor,
   Hi! For the past three weeks I was at Interlochen Arts Camp and I saw all of your concerts! They were outstanding! Also I had the chance to get your autograph but the counselors with us urged us to get some sleep so we had to go right after the concert and I'm just asking you now to have your autograph.
   Right now I am currently working on your six caprices and your Midnight on the Water/Bonapartes Retreat. I have to admit, they are very hard!(I broke seven strings in a month trying to get the tunings right on the Midnight on the Water/Bonapartes Retreat!)
   At Interlochen I was seventh chair ISO, the top orchestra in the Intermediate division. At that time I was working on the Mendelssohn Concerto and Carmen Fantasie, but now I'm working on the Tchaikovsky Concerto as well as your caprices. Overall the experience at Interlochen and the ISO was great, it gave me a chance to look at the conductor from way back.(Here in Montana, there is no real competition for me)
   Thank You for having the time to read this letter and I hope to see you in the future!

Jesse MacDonald



This morning I woke up to a ravishingly beautiful piece of music - the Liberty Bell, recorded by Yo-Yo Ma, Kenneth Schermerhorn, and the Nashville Symphony.

I'm one of those classical music aficionados who has liked Mr. O'Connor's music, and purchased several recordings of his work.  The Liberty Bell, however, blew me away.  I'd be willing to swap crucial body parts or close relatives for a copy of the recording. My first move, therefore, was to check - but they've scrapped their music search system, and I was unable to locate a copy.

Can you assist?  If you could send me the discographic information, I'll try to track it from there.

Many thanks,
Sky Houser


Greetings Mark,

Just a note to let you know how much I'm enjoying your new CD release, Double Violin Concerto.  This piece has vitality and exuberance that I haven't heard since Leonard Bernstein wowed audiences with Fancy Free.   The music's jazzy, cosmopolitan flair coupled with the driving energy of a full orchestra gives an even greater dimension to the violins' expressiveness.  To me, the musical interplay between you and Nadja takes on the edgy wittiness of an Astaire-Rogers number in the first movement segueing (as in their movies) into the sweet, sultry feel of a late night romantic encounter in the second.  As in the best Astaire-Rogers dancing, there is a wonderful sense of "I just thought of this" improvisation between the two of you.  The varied mood-shifts and the vibrant, wonderfully nuanced playing of you both make this a piece that merits repeated listening….Culminating in that no holds barred Dixie/blues blowout; it's a showstopper!  I'd love to hear it live someday.

Best wishes,
Nancy Ingels


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