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Fan Letters : 2006 Compositions

Fan Letters : 2006 Compositions
It is unbelievable to be able to get the answer from O'Connor! Thank you for wonderful music! "Old Country Fairy Tale" is my most favorite music. Please let me hear a lot of wonderful tunes in the future!



Hi Mark,

I came across the exchange below between you and one of your fans and was wondering ... what is the status of this project??

I am particularly interested in and in love with "One Winter's Night" and "Macedonia" and would happily pay just about anything you'd ask for the transcriptions. I've gone a fair distance towards getting them both by ear but they are both such amazingly beautiful pieces that I'd hate to guess and miss some nuance, voice a chord incorrectly or mess them up in any way!!

Is there any chance I might be able to convince you to perhaps make these transcriptions available while you complete the rest? I'm certain I'm not the only person out there who would snap them up in a heartbeat ...


With Fingers Crossed In The Hope of Hearing Good News From You,  ( ;-) )


(Wayne Fugate - Mandolin - Chester, NY)

Retrospective Transcriptions



Your 30 Year Retrospective 2CD album is fabulous!  Do you have sheet music available that I can purchase for "Mark's Waltz"?  It is absolutely beautiful and soothing.

Thank you in advance for your reply.  Thank you for the great music you create!




Years ago I heard you, Mr. Meyer and Mr. Ma perform Appalachia Waltz in Denver.  It touched me then and continues to touch me.

I'm an amateur trombonist in the Seattle area, and have come to believe that a trombone trio could perform Appalachia Waltz with character and depth -- I long to hear The New Trombone Collective from the Netherlands perform it, for example.  They have players who've mastered the instrument's expressiveness in a way I believe could make an arrangement of Appalachia Waltz touching to even those who don't care for the trombone.  I don't know your personal opinion of trombones, but is this something you can conceive of?

Thank you for all your music.

Bob Snead


Tessa Frederick, Bethany's teacher who has studied the last 3 or so summers at your fiddle camp, will not be able to make this concert as she is going off to the New England Conservatory to study music there. Tessa just won the Johansen international violin competition for young violinists.  We are very proud of her.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing you in person for the first time.  Tessa taught Bethany Appalachia Waltz and they performed a duet back in May.  It was so beautiful I cried.  Thank you for your beautiful music.

Keep up the good work,
Angela Breakall



Just wanted to let you know we are greatly anticipating the Appalachia Waltz
Trio concert in Tuscaloosa, AL.  I myself am a guitarist and play some fiddle.  
I backed JT Perkins for 12 years till his death in 1998.  I currently back
Sharon Bound (formerly Sharon Winters) from Tuscaloosa - her family will also be
at the concert as I ordered tickets.  We will probably be jamming at her house
that afternoon.

By the way, please play Misty Moonlight Waltz at the concert.  Your trio's
version is so good I can't describe the emotion I feel from it.

Best Regards,

Terry R. Barnett


Dearest Mr. O'Connor,
My name is Amanda. I wish to thank you for taking time to read my email. It means a lot that you are dedicated to your fans. I must say I am particularly fond of the Double Violin Concerto. The freshness in the music made my soul come alive. I felt a sense of peace and tranquility in your music that I am sure can be found no were else.

                Blessings Always
               Amanda Lewis


Good day, Mark.

Rumor had it that you were putting together transcriptions for the 30-year Retrospective recording.  Any chance this is still true?  I understand it would be quite an undertaking.

I'm a bit embarrassed to mention this, but Chris Thile's solo (improv or written by you?) during "October Impressions" was the first instrumental to make me cry tears of joy.  What joyous, uplifting song-writing and playing.

Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us!
•-Ian Montgomery


Hi Mark.

I attended the World Premiere of For the Heroes last night at Copley
Symphony Hall and was as delighted as I knew I would be with your
performance and your wonderful work full of optimism. (Must say I feel
all your music reflects that optimism)  Thank you, thank you and of
course also thanks to your lovely cellist Natalie Haas who performed

Evelyn Fella
San Diego, CA


Dear Mr. O'Connor/ staff

I am interested in buying some sheet music for my brother who plays the
I was particularly interested in getting music for you Johnny Appleseed
series. I saw on the sheet music on you website under the Thirty-year
Retrospective Collection.

Sincerely a huge fan
       Nicholas Petrogeorge

PS. Great Job with the Appleseed collection some of the best music
every created.


Hello again!  I just returned from your Hot Swing debut in Louisville, KY
and my soul is completely happy!   My parents taught me at an early age to
have an ear for music.  Then in school I took music theory and "listened"
more.  I picked up your Fiddle Concerto with the Concordia Orchestra...I'm
guessing 10 years ago ....and it always brings me to a peaceful place.
Today I listen deeply to all kinds of music, but tonight I decided that you
are my favorite composer and musician (you moved ahead of Elton John!).  I
had the honor of meeting you briefly tonight and consider myself lucky to
have met someone who possesses such a beautiful gift.  Thank you very much
for sharing it with the world.  I saw your schedule - unbelievable!  I wish
you continued success and a happy life.

Debbie Stemmle


Dear Mr. O'Connor

My name is Jennifer Trotta and I recently graduated from Athens High School in Troy, Michigan.  I played the 3rd movement of your Fiddle Concerto for my senior concerto...I am hoping I did your piece justice as I just love it.  Also, the audience enjoyed listening to it as I did playing it as I received several compliments regarding its lively style! I just wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of yours and I love your music.  I greatly enjoyed working on your concerto and enjoy playing it daily!  You have been a great inspiration and will continue to be.

Thank you very much!

With best regards,

Jennifer R. Trotta

P.S. Is there anyway I could get an autographed picture of you? That would be awesome! Thanks so much again!


Thanks Mark!!!

I just purchased the complete Thirty-Year Retrospective score and will be happily sinking my teeth into it for some time to come!! Your recording and now these books are real treasures (word used deliberately) and I can't thank you enough for making them available ... there is a lifetime of study in them thar pages!!  ;-)

Thanks Again!!

Very Best Regards,
Wayne Fugate


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