Thank Yous

Thank Yous

Thank Yous
“Dear Mark,
I am writing to express my deep appreciation for your participation in the Closing Ceremony of the Atlanta Games this past summer. In performing in the Southern Jamboree, you helped create a show that electrified the world.
The Closing Ceremony was watched by more than 3.5 billion people and your performance greatly enhanced it's impact.”
– Don Micher, producer

“Mark, I feel as if this is more of a personal thank you than a professional one. I am at a loss for words to express my gratitude for your generosity. It was so special of you to give up so much of your valuable personal time with your family and to spend it with all of us at From the Top. It was even more special of you to have done so during our pilots when no one knew if we would become a success. You are a man of great principles. As I love to say, you are a true mensch. What is best of all, is the fact that all of your generosity shines through your music. Perhaps that is one reason why when you play it always sounds like music and never notes. Thanks for being who you are. Thanks for having faith in all of us. Thanks for sharing your music. Thanks for giving so much to the kids on the show.”
– Jerry Slavet, From The Top Radio Show

“Dear Mark,

I have been very much rewarded to observe your fantastic success.  It gives all of us an inspiration to see that musicians who are so talented and really have something important to say, are recognized as such.  So, on behalf of all of us, maverick and genre benders - thank you for this huge encouragement.  Sometimes the good guys really come first!!!”
– Maya Beiser

“The folks really loved having Mark with them for that brief moment. He means so much to so many people and is a great inspiration for all fiddlers. He has demonstrated that it can be done and that fiddle playing can be taken to any level if you wish to work hard at it. We have all watched him grow from a young hot fiddle player to the advanced world-class icon that he is today. By taking the time to chat with everyone he has shown that he is still with us and has not lost touch with where it all began. A very big thank you to him for being such a fine gentleman.”
– Mike McGee, Fiddlefork

“Dear Mark,

Thank you so much for this wonderful statement about your originality which I will keep, cherish, and quote!!! I think, Mark, that one of the greatest traits of a wonderful composer is to make the strange sound familiar. You do that all the time. I hear music of yours for the first time and feel it deeply from its culture, from a representation of its people, place, and life ideals; yet I know it is new from your head and heart. But I know your music because I know where it is from and why you had to give it birth, even though I know intellectually I have never heard it before. Somehow it speaks to me loud and clear!!!!

I can not wait to look at the Folk Mass and American Seasons, get to know them, and then figure out what to do about them. Aspen will be my first goal, but there are other possibilities!!

Anyway, I am so touched that you would write at length and share your creative musical observations and instincts and manner of making your very original voice sing and dance. I am privileged that you entrust me with your babies, and I love them all!! Your are a magnificent present, and the truthful future of American music. I hope it won't be too long before we meet again.

With warmest wishes, your devoted friend and colleague--”
– Murry Sidlin, conductor

“Dear Mark,

Thanks for your note. I have greatly valued our work with you and look forward to staying in close contact. Hopefully, we will be able to work together again in the future.”
– Peter Gelb, Sony Classical

“Dear Mark,

These evenings, one after another, I enjoyed the first row treat at your Fiddle Camp concerts and joyfully attended your glorious performance together with the playing of endless talented players, men, women and children, all in one big glowing joy of music, overflowing from concert hall to hotel lobby, never knew its end!

But for you great heart, very many boys and girls with big promises would, missing the strong support and push, and lose their way in the indifferent and treacherous world! How few of the prominent artists of this world could love others like themselves and devote great amount of time and energy to the needy youths, at the time the help matters to them most!

Without my good friend Wally I could never know you and the Camp! For the wonderful privilege of knowing you and your work. I sincerely thank you!”
– Ling Po, former assistant architect to Frank Lloyd Write

“Dear Mark,

'Thank you' does not seem to be enough to express our immense gratitude for your support of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and the valuable part you played in making our recent concert in Nashville a triumph. Your performance was magic and the wonderful music at the post-concert party just heightened the sheer joy of the evening for all of us.

The trustees, staff and musicians, though scattered by the evacuation of our beloved city, have been able to reconstitute as a strong, effective organization, in part, because of the opportunity created by the Nashville Symphony CEO Alan Valentine and his staff and the hospitality of the entire community. The Louisiana Philharmonic has long been heralded as one of the New Orleans' cultural treasures.

(Thanks so much, Mark - your performance was stunning as always! - Alan Valentine)”
– Babs Mollere, LPO Managing Director

“Dear Mark,
We are so thankful to you, Carol and Natalie for your spectacular performance at our annual gala. Our guests were delighted to hear your Trio's performance, which concluded our musicale on a high note.

Mark, we appreciate your active involvement on our Artistic Advisory Committee, and your strong commitment to music education. You are an exemplary model for other musicians, showing how music can bring joy and inspiriation into children's lives, opening the doors to their inner creativity, and building a foundation for life-long learning.

Again, on behalf off the Midori & Friends family, especially Midori and the Board of Directors, thank you so much for you generous contribution and commitment to inspiring children through music.”
– Judi Linden, executive director, Midori & Friends

“Dear Mr. O'Connor

On behalf of the Daniel Pearl Foundation, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for your participation in the Daniel Pearl Memorial concert in Boston, on November 16, 2002.

We are writing to invite you to join a select group of distinguished artists who will form our Honorary Committee for the second annual Daniel Pearl Music Day. Your prestigious name and your moral support will help us bring attention of the music world to this simple but powerful program.

On October 10, 2003, which would have been Danny's 40th birthday, we are again inviting musical creators and performers from all over the world to dedicate their concerts and appearances to create a global voice in support of Tolerance and Humanity. We thank you sincerely for you consideration.”
– Judea Pearl, President - Ruth Pearl, CFO, Danie Pearl Foundation

“Dear Mark,

I would like to thank you for joining us on "To Life! America Celebrates Israel's 50th."

The show was extremely well received, and your performance was one of the memorable moments of the evening.

Don Mischer, producer

Dear Mr. O'Connor...Your tremendous talent and creativity helped make the show a great success and I appreciate your sharing it with us on this special occasion. Israel salutes you for a job well done.”
– Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister (5/7/98)

“Dear Mark: On behalf of the entire Baptist Hospital, as well as the patients you so graciously entertained on Christmas Day, I wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to stop by and help brighten the holiday for those individuals who were unable to be at home with their families. That was an extraordinarily thoughtful thing for you to do, and and your music was certainly a bright spot for everyone.

Your gift of time and talent certainly epitomizes the true spirit of Christmas.”
– C.David Stringfield, FACHE President, Baptist Hospital, Nashville, TN, (1/8/96)

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