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New York Times article today on Mark O'Connor

New York Times article today on Mark O'Connor

Mark O'Connor on his block at West 57th Street

A New York Times feature article today on Mark O'Connor (composer, violinist and author) 1/5/13. "The Fiddler in the Cave" features three photos of O'Connor in NYC.

"His “Improvised Violin Concerto” will have its premiere this spring, and he continues to write new volumes of the O’Connor Violin Method, an American-themed alternative to the Suzuki approach."

“Once in a while when I get discouraged, I’m reminded of the fact that the great composer Bela Bartok lived right next door. I feel his presence.”
moconnor 2510
Mark in his apartment in Midtown, NYC

"I have a YouTube channel, so I scan the Internet for my favorite videos, and I’ve made different playlists. I’m stealing back my own content. I call it “social fiddle justice...”

moconnor 2510
Mark demonstrating for students in Brooklyn at the Noel Pointer Foundation

The New York Times
Published: January 5, 2013    

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(Photo by James Estrin/The New York Times)

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