Appalachia Waltz Trio Press


July 13, 2011

“Mark is a supreme master at what he does. Between thought and execution there are no impediments, zero. But what really interests me is that this is a person in constant development, hungry to develop. The intriguing question is, "Where is Mark O'Connor going?"” – Yo-Yo Ma

“O'Connor's arrangements for this new ensemble sound entirely natural, giving everybody something interesting to do nearly all the time; the cello, for example, is almost never relegated to a simple backup role. Yet the music never sounds over-arranged, either.
These are spirited three-voice conversations, and the textures and interweaving melodic lines fit together perfectly.  O'Connor's performance style is well known, and he does after all own these pieces.” – Strings Magazine

“In exciting new works for violin, viola, and cello, as well as a number of new arrangements of his Appalachian series (first recorded with Yo-Yo Ma and Edgar Meyer), The triumph, in casting traditional fiddle music in an entirely new light, may be compared to Glenn Gould's epic re-examination of The Well-Tempered Clavier.” – Musician Magazine

"The fresh approach (to the music) breaths new life into some of O'Connor's most profound compositions, at the same time it gets them closer to the mountains." – The Billings Gazette

“Violin champion O'Connor returns here to chamber-inspired Americana music but with a slight modification of his trio format (viola subbing for double-bass). The adjustments make the music even lighter and more open to the playful folkish stride that is an O'Connor signature.
3 stars” – The Lexington Herald Leader

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