Poets and Prophets (Piano Trio No. 1) Press


July 14, 2011

"Something rare and memorable. Mark O'Connor and Rosanne Cash At The Library of Congress"
– Washington Post, 11/24/08

"The reaction to Poets and Prophets in China was incredibly enthusiastic. You wouldn't believe how many audience members came up to us afterwards saying they had tears in their eyes listening to "My June". They sensed the tenderness, devotion, spirituality and faith that that movement evokes, even though they weren't familiar with the story of Johnny Cash. And although I don't think rockabilly and gospel-hoedown are common terms in Chinese culture, the audience was clearly grooving on the styles! We can't wait to play the piece in Europe this Spring.”
– Eroica Trio

“Hi Mark,
Just played your [Poets and Prophets] trio at the Amelia Island Festival in Florida and in Montreal where you are going pretty soon. The audiences went wild! It is a bonafide hit!
Love, Sara”
– Sara Santambrogio (cellist with Eroica Trio)

“Mark, Thanks for your truly moving performance last night here at Merkin [Hall - NYC]! I think it was The perfect way to hear the important work you have done from all angles. I look forward to working with you in the the future!”
– Greg Evans, Director, Merkin Hall, NY

“Hi Mark,
Heard you and Ms. Cash and your great fellow musicians at Merkin Hall in NYC last night.
I've gone to hundreds of concerts in the last thirty-five years, and can only recall a couple that affected me so deeply (Bill Evans in 1979 and
Keith Jarrett in 1975). At some points, I was so lost in your music that if someone had asked me
what instruments were playing, I would have had to stop and think about it.

The third movement of "Poets and Prophets," in particular, had tears rolling down my face. Please record!
And I really hope you and Ms. Cash will figure out a way to put your collaboration out on a cd.  Her songs are all the more powerful with your arrangements. I'm not into sending "fan mail" - don't think I've ever done this before - but just wanted to say "thanks" and "Bravo"!”
– Brad Wheeler

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