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July 14, 2011

“Spectacular.  I am so grateful for those who stand up and do it right.”
– Twyla Tharp

“Phenomenal concert! Brilliant! Wow!”
– Philippe Quint (concert violinist)

“Ballads, too, became an opportunity to probe each sustained note for a different color and degree of expression.  You never knew what would come next – only that the best musicianship would manifest itself naturally time and again.”
– Ken Keuffel Jr., The Arizona Daily Star

“A child prodigy turned adult virtuoso, he's an innovator in both performance and composition, bridging the gap between country and classical.”
– Natalie Nichols, Los Angeles Times

“...whether describing what he was about to play in polite, soft-spoken terms or bent determinedly over his violin, so intent on playing that the thunderous ovations that erupted at the end of every piece he played seemed to come as a complete surprise to him. That can't be the case, because O'Connor has been amazing music fans for years with his blazing virtuosity. Yet so fluid and precise is his playing that things he does seem almost effortless.”
– James D. Watts Jr., Tulsa World

“O'Connor's virtuosity is as breathtaking to the ear as it is to the eye.”
– Jay Orr, The Tennessean

“Playing true American music, his roots are more solidly in the fiddling tradition as found in the Eastern mountains, in the hills and in the West. In O'Connor's hands, it is easy to forget that the violin did not originate in America.”
– Tim Lindeman, Greensboro News & Record

“In your solo performance...everyone was virtually awestruck at your technical, compositional and musical ability. The characteristics you get from your instrument are truly amazing, and beauty of your compositional style is always captivating, often haunting as well as sour stirring.”
– Joanna Giesek, Executive Director, Grand Teton Music Festival

“I know your album Midnight On The Water well, and have listened to it so many times that I should have worn it out by now; though fortunately I haven't. But how completely mesmerizing it is to watch you play the Caprices, live. After knowing those pieces as well as I do, from the CD, it was hypnotic to watch you actually play them.”
– Marjorie Ryerson, photographer

“One of the things I wanted to do do before the year was out was to put in writing my great delight at having presented the Barton/O'Connor joint recital on our Vail Series in 2000. A truly stunning evening, it was music-making of the highest order...a crowd pleaser if ever there was one.

The format was so cleverly designed offering each of you a chance to do your own thing. And you did so brilliantly. Then, when you performed together with such tremendous flair the audience was brought to its feet! ...I must say you "wowed" us.”
– Lorraine Wales, director, The Vail Series, Denison University

“O'Connor' set was like a condensed history of indigenous American string music, ranging from...traditional fiddle tunes... to his own hybridizations of bluegrass flavor, classical grace and jazz flair.”
– The Oregonian, Portland, OR

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